Blue pattern rainbow earrings


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Blue pattern rainbow hoop earrings with accents of pink. These gorgeous little blue rainbow earrings are made by hand from high quality polymer clay. The colours are conditioned and formed into a long cane which is then carefully sliced to create individual rainbows.

Each slice measure approximately 3-4cm. They are very light weight with the thickness of each slice approximately 3mm. They have stainless steel gun metal hoop findings attached to give a lovely dangle to your earring.

The blue colours are bright and bold giving a lovely accent to any outfit! These pattern rainbow hoop earrings are sure to be the perfect gift. Additional styles and necklaces maybe available to add to your set.

Your blue rainbow pattern earrings will come in a recyclable card box (which you can also use to store your earrings when not being worn). They will be packaged with recycled shredded paper and a sprinkling of confetti. The hoops will be securely hung from a branded Rainbow rose card. You will also receive an original illustration. Orders over £20 will receive an additional free gift.

Notes for care –

Polymer clay once cured is a very strong material but nonetheless should be handled with care. When not being worn these earrings should be stored flat and away from moisture.

Be careful to avoid contact with liquids such as perfumes.


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