Want to know more about our

Marketplace & Community?

How can I apply to sell on the platform?

Head to the Application page, which you’ll find above in the toolbar. Press the orange start button and follow the question prompts until the end. We’ll review your application and contact you to let you know if you've been successful.

Applications are open until February 28th 2021. You can also join our Facebook Community to meet other creative Brand Owners. You must be based in the UK, and be an ethical brand owner or Craftsperson to apply to sell with us.

When will you be accepting International Sellers?

We are working on this. Currently, HMRC has created a law for UK marketplaces which means international sellers must be VAT registered regardless of turnover and have a VRN number. We want to make sure we are doing everything correctly before we explore outside of the UK. You are still welcome to join our Facebook Community, which is free until Spring 2021.

Is there a membership or subscription fee?

Currently, there is ZERO membership or subscription fee to either sell on the marketplace or to be a part of our community.

You don’t have to be a seller to join the Facebook community, it’s free so long as you are an ethical product-based brand owner.

This will change in Spring 2021 when will charge a fee.

How does the commission work?

Currently, for our founding members, there is a 15% commission fee for your products which covers all processing and listing costs. We don’t include your shipping cost, there is zero commission on that.

How can I create my listings?

We have a fully comprehensive guide in the member’s resources area to talk you through in a clear way. We also have a magazine with features on how to write a product description, including words to use to help customers find you better.

How to price my products?

As an Ethical marketplace, we ask that you price your products the same as you would on any other. And the same on your own store. This keeps everything fair and allows the customer to choose where to purchase from. For advice on the process of pricing and how to charge correctly, we can help.

What style of photography should I use?

The Shop area of the site has a minimal design and white backdrop in order to let your products to shine. Use a style of photography that reflects your brand and shows your product off to it's best. Please upload high-res PNG or JPEGs a minimum of 800 pixels wide and 800 pixels high.