About Us

Hello, Hola!

Welcome to our marketplace where you can shop from a variety of ethical brands. We make it easy for you to buy products made with purpose, so that you don’t have to pick between the Planet and your Personality.

We provide an ethical online shopping experience for shoppers, choosing bright and bold designs from the best Eco brands and slow fashion champions.

Casa Ethica is a home from home, and we have a Community Space for our sellers where they can discuss sustainable fashion, environmental agendas and to learn and grow together.

We believe that in order to be ethical, our products most also be inventive and beautiful, reflecting William Morris’ famous saying, that objects should be both beautiful and useful. Ethics and Aesthetics are at the heart of what we do.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us, and knowing that each purchase is a step towards a more sustainable planet and better home for its people.

Come on in. Our house is your house. Or as we’d say in Spanish; “Mi casa es su casa”

About The Site

Here at Casa Ethica, we always keep the planet in mind. That is why we created our website in a sustainable way. 

We chose Sun Sprout to handle our website development.

This company runs completely paperless (no notebooks, printed contracts – nothing!), donates to projects that are bettering our planet and raises the voices of other sustainable businesses online and offline. 

We are also hosting this website with Greek Geeks

This hosting platform runs our website on their 300% green hosting platform. 

Our website isn’t just carbon neutral – it’s better!

Our Founder

Casa Ethica was founded in 2020 by Carrin Robertson, to bring bold and bright designs to you on a curated marketplace platform. Before Casa Ethica, I worked in a variety of creative roles, I’m fascinated with the process, the materials used, and who has made them.

From 2007, I worked in Visual Merchandising. I enjoyed my job, but seeing the industry bring the same products and designs over and over again at such a fast pace decided the High Street didn’t suit me, I wanted more creative value. I taught myself Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign whilst balancing a day job in Store and a weekend job at my local pub in Acton.

In 2012 I moved to a Design Production Studio as a Project Manager working with colour, materials and manufacturing processes to create unforgettable window displays and events. Creating everything in-house in London allowed me to indulge my interests hands-on, researching the best materials and processes. I’m a multi-hyphenate by nature, staying late to learn more about different printing techniques, laser-cutting, upholstery, I can even weld a bit!
As our designs were architectural, the objects had longevity. Working with forward-thinking British brands, I saw the start of changes in thinking more sustainably.

After spotting Tikal in 2018 on a map, I was enamoured with the idea of travel. I researched design jobs in Guatemala and applied for a role with a Women’s Fair Trade Co-operative on the edge of Guatemala City. That was the start of a life-changing adventure, I worked with female artisans crafting accessories, homeware and children’s toys, sold nationally and internationally. I found more understanding to production with mindfulness and purpose.

2020, and back in the UK. We now have Casa Ethica, a platform for creatives to shine and to bring their products into the world in a positive way. A place for ethical shopping and community.

To me, this is what brings meaning: creative people bringing bold ideas to life in a sustainable and considered way.