Meet our May Stallholders!

Mandy started BAR:SUDS last year to persuade people to return to traditional soap. Both amazing smelling, and functional, especially those that suffer from problem skin. They are designed with natural ingredients to nourish and condition all skin types.

Hi I’m Sarah 👋  What can you find in my store? Bright bold gift cards, cute postcards, unique wrapping paper, and bold artwork. I started this business to provide a space for people who love joyful designs and hate waste.

MEXI.Clothing is tacos and pubs. It’s margaritas and gin and tonic. It’s street fashion and traditional textiles. It’s a brand for all world travellers, whether you’ve done it or you dream of doing it. For those craving to bring culture into their home and lifestyle.

Theodora Prassa, is a textile designer and visual artist who has exhibited internationally. She is born in Greece and currently based in Nottingham, where she lives and works as an artist, print technician, and educator.

We’re a slow fashion brand that makes beautiful, quality clothing, jewellery and homeware. We stand up for communities underserved by the establishment and society, providing them with a fair income and helping them keep their traditions alive.

Upcycled from vintage and second hand- Blufruit is fashion and accessories, made with love in Brighton, England, by Charlotte-Mary. Each piece made is unique with an emphasis on a bold, kitsch and colourful style.

Sustainable and zero waste are far from buzz words for Julia, aka Tatty Moo. Using almost exclusively textile waste, her fashion designs, accessories and homeware are all created in house- from printing to cutting and sewing.

Original dotwork images are handmade from countless individual dots with a technique is called ”stipple”. My art is a meditation really as I have to concentrate completely – there is zero margin for error using deep black ink. I love it! It’s slow, enjoyable and decisive.

Fascinated by how jewellery can make you feel, it gave me the confidence to express my creativity from a young age. Channeling inspiration through colour and sound, I share with you my collection. Each piece, gifted with love.

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Shop with our Stallholders right here. By clicking their featured products, you can shop direct with each Brand via their website, or some brands have chosen to keep the products shoppable through Casa Ethica.

Come on in to Casa Ethica...

We are an Independent Marketplace & Community for Brands and Modern Craftspeople. A space for the Changemakers and a place to shop for people who love Ethical Shopping and investing in well-crafted pieces from Sustainable Fashion Brands and Ethical Producers.

The Casa Ethica Marketplace is curated for you to find something that you will absolutely love and cherish. We make Ethical online shopping it easy for you. We want you to be sure that your products are designed and made by vibrant and progressive people who really do care about the Planet and its People.

Each item you buy is sent to you directly from one of our independently owned brands, meaning that together we make a difference in the way the world shops. You support the genuine change-makers of the globe by buying from amazing ethical brand owners who are putting sustainability at the forefront of their designs. Together, as a Community of Independent Artisans, Designers, Producers and Collaborators, we bring you bright and bold products, so that you don’t have to pick between The Planet and your Personality.

There are no rules in this Casa. Make yourself at home. You can shop very comfortably here. Or from your Granny’s House. Or buying an eco gift for  your friend’s birthday from a caravan in the pissing rain. Wherever you may be visiting Casa Ethica.

Come on in. Our house is your house. Or as we’d say in Spanish: Mi Casa Es Tu Casa.

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